Hello, I'm Sara Bell, and I'm My Nana's Keeper.

With the help of my family, it's my job to ensure Nana has the best quality of life everyday that she's with us.  Our posts share our experiences living with and learning from Alzheimer's, and we hope they encourage and inspire others who are also living in the wild world of Alz. 

Chocolate Nightmares

See all those chocolate spots on my shirt?? Those are courtesy of Nana.

Remove items from pockets? Check. Sort clothes? Check. Wash colors separately? Check.

Check areas of clothing that are not really pockets, but pockets Nana created (like the underside of a jacket pocket where the pocket is sewn to the outer layer)? FAIL! 

And that's where the chocolate hides.  Or the lipstick.  Or about 18 tissues.

Wonder how many pieces of clothes I'll ruin before I find all of her "pockets"!  She sure is creative!

P.S. I want to know who the hell gave her that?!? I definitely didn't!

Bathroom Trip #18 (in 10 minutes!)...