Hello, I'm Sara Bell, and I'm My Nana's Keeper.

With the help of my family, it's my job to ensure Nana has the best quality of life everyday that she's with us.  Our posts share our experiences living with and learning from Alzheimer's, and we hope they encourage and inspire others who are also living in the wild world of Alz. 

Words of Wisdom - June

Below are just a few of my favorite Nana quotes from June.  Hope you find them as humorous, touching, and insightful as we do!

While sitting on the balcony, looking at the view:  "I like being able to see everything because you can see if people are being good or bad, or running and we should run too." 

While eating mixed nuts:  "They should have called them 'Crazies'." (instead of "nuts")

When I asked her what the golfers were doing: "I call it 'running.'  That's what I call it.  That way I can call it anything I want.  If everything's 'running' I don't care what they call it." (And after this explanation, she started cracking up.  I told her she is funny and she said, "If I wasn't funny, I guess I'd be stupid!")

When asking for a towel instead of toilet paper (and I told her, "oh, you mean toilet paper"):  "I'm not that kind of person anymore (who knows what things are for)."  I told her, "Well that's why I'm here for you.  You get me for that." She said, "Well you get me now that I'm crazy.  That works out for me ok, but I don't know how that works out for you!"

Talking about Papa: "He's here and always around me." (especially touching because she is always looking for him, and most moments she is unaware that he passed away.) 

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